New features and Apologize


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Dear putos,

We are working on a lot of new features for the blog. We are turning this mess into a bigger mess, so i really apologize for the lack of time without new albums for download, but we haven’t any support, customers who fuck my ass for money or even a damn Cabronito to help me with this shit.

All Cabrón do here is for you, worldwide skinhead with pride and honour. I hope you all understand i am working on it, i am trying to post every week, but the blog already launched some other features on social media network. Included:

  • Followgram button – What links to our profile;
  • Pinterest button – What links to our Gallery of Pins and you will follow because the blog needs your support;
  • button – What links to our profile and help us to improve the selection to post new albums;
  • Tumblr. button – What links to our blog entry with a lot of images blogged and reblogged that you can follow.

The incoming weeks probably will be nice to turn back the diary or weekly posts, but i ask for your help giving me a little of support and/or patience.

Best Regards,


Greenland Whalefishers – Amazing Space


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Greenland Whalefishers - Amazing Space

Now traveling trough the icy mountains at the Kingdom Of Denmark, i’ve found a cave during my travel. Inside, seven Norwegians fishing whales in a hole. Can you believe on it ? Of course not. Greenland and the traditional whale fishing are the inspiration for the name of this Norwegian band formed by Arvid Grov, Orjan Risan, Gunnar Grov, Agnes Skollevoll, Atle-Hjorn Oien, Odin Dossland and Trond Olsen.

Greenland Whalefishers is a Punk / Folk band created in the year of 1994 influenced by Celtic music and British Punk, fusion called Paddy Rock or Celtic Punk in the same line of Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, The Tossers and Flatfoot 56. You will like it, no doubt.

Artist: Greenland Whalefishers
Album: Amazing Space (B-Sides and Other Craps)
Year: 2008
Bitrate: undisclosed


Never try to catch a whale without a harpoon, unless it is a piranha. Got the joke ? Asshole hijo de puta!

Bulbulators – Aut Punk Aut Nihil


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Bulbulators - Aut Punk Aut Nihil

Cabrón spent the last days with whores, because i deserve some vacancy. Where ? Poland! And yes, i brought something good on my bag. I found this album near Wroclaw, a fucking cold place known as the selected city for the European Capital Of Culture for 2016.

 Bulbulators plays an amazing sound with singular sonority referring to old school Punk Rock, but also similar to The Exploited, Charge 69 and 999. In the year of 2007 they become well-known playing “Gentlemen prefer blondes” for the inspired and very good album Aut Punk Aut Nihil.

The band is formed by Artur Burak Latosiñski, from Ramses & The Hooligans and Wojciech “tiktak” Stephan on the bass, playing early 70′ Punk and then the Street Punk / Punk Rock. Listen to this shit, hijo de puta!

Artist: Bulbulators
Album: Aut Punk Aut Nihil
Year: 2007
Bitrate: 320 kbps


Hell yeah! Polish bands are awesome, cabrón!

Mau Presságio – Mau Presságio


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   Mau Pressagio

   Who da fuck Mau Presságio think they are to be here, Cabrón ? Should a Brazilian band teach how to make Punk Rock ? Level is falling down or this band just kick ass. Punk Rock is attitude, is to be spokesman of the minority and not have frills of play in dirty alleys, and exacly for this the band is one of the most respected groups in Brazilian underground scene.

Formed in Rio de Janeiro in the 90’s years, Mau Presságio still looking for in their songs, the most severe roots of Punk.

  • Mau Presságio is:

Chiquinho, the fucking old moron who talks any type of bullshit all the time and sometimes sing;
Zé Oliveira makes all “Boom!” on the drum;
Palitão, the bassist and super-understandable nicknamed as “Big Toothpick”;
Marajá, the lead guitar and responsible for the noise;
Monique Ramone on the base guitars, proudly female exponent of Mau Presságio, giving a touch of harmony on this mess.

Extremely indicated, obviously because they paid for this post. Ok, just a joke… shit your pants, take the beer and get prepared for real Punk Rock!

Artist: Mau Presságio
Album: Mau Presságio
Year: 2011
Bitrate: 256 kbps


Pancho, take a look at these Rocinha girls! Imagine Rio chicas at the Whorehouse…   damn good!

Brigada Flores Magon – Brigada Flores Magon


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Brigada Flores Magon - Brigada Flores Magon

Cabrón traveled to France to take a break. The routine at Whorehouse is tiring due the police choking my business every day. There i found Brigada Flores Magon, a nice Oi! / Street Punk band with some pinch of Ska, formed in Paris in the year of 1990.

The band name is inspired in Flores Magón brothers, leading figures from the political scene and history of Mexico, what is at least wonderful considering France have a complex and impressive amount of political content, but they just decided focus on Mexico history. Don’t mess with Eiffel boys! They kick ass in this album… download it, puto!

Artist: Brigada Flores Magon
Album: Brigada Flores Magon
Year: 1999
Bitrate: 128 kbps (db level tuned for volume increase)


I loved Paris! Parfum, caffè, Eiffel… Hey, Pancho! Where is the tickets of our flight ? We are going to Brazil…

The Business – Suburban Rebels


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The Business - Suburban Rebels

Cheers & Beers, putos! I was working on the new header image this weekend, you liked ? No ? Hijos de puta… hahaha! Today i brought to you the band inspired me to build my Whorehouse. I love this name… The Business, and it’s how i call my pleasure house center.

The Business is a Oi! band formed in Lewishan – south of London, in 1979. They are the first band called “skunks” due his line-up mixed of skinheads and punks. The Business influenced a thousand bands of Oi!/Punk across the 80’s and 90’s and their most famous song is called “England 5 – Germany 1“, based on the score of the match played on 1991 for the World Cup Qualification Stage.

 Suburban Rebels is produced by Micky Geggus of Cockney Rejects in the year of 1983 and reach the 37 position on the Top of Britain. Note: Debut album, putos! Suck’em all!

Artist: The Business
Album: Suburban Rebels
Year: 1983
Bitrate: 192 kbps


Soccer, putas and beers… let’s cheer to this!

The Oppressed – Oi! Oi! Music


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 The Oppressed - Oi! Oi! Music

Joder! Boneheads gonna hate. The Oppressed represent an entire generation. The band was formed in Cardiff, Wales in the year of 1981. They openly expressed opposition to racism and facism. In my whorehouse, The Oppressed is high rated at Jukebox and las chicas loves Roddy Moreno also. This album is a collection of 23 anthems and a indispensable and unquestionable item for reals Skinhead and Punk.

Artist: The Oppressed
Album: Oi! Oi! Music
Year: 1984
Bitrate: 192 kbps (dB tuned to better quality)


Chica, push play y baila para mi. Desnuda.

Hard Skin – Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts


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Hard Skin - Hard Cunts Hard Nuts

Putos, mira mis pezones! I can’t simply ignore what Hard Skin means to me… Fat Bob is my idol. Do you believe Hard Skin was formed because they love beers and birds ? Dude, we shooting birds, playing birds, trampling birds and some genius like Bob use their brains to bring us good music! This amazing Oi! / Street Punk band can’t be explained in words… listen to this and comeback here to share it, cabrón.
Cabrón takes you to a ride in history. In this album you can feel all the influence of British music timeline on 90’s Oi! groups. Hard Skin was formed in 1990 by Fat Bob and Johnny, blessing us with this full-length.

Artist: Hard Skin
Album: Hard Cunts and Hard Nuts
Year: 1996
Bitrate: 256 kbps


I stopped to shoot at birds after i’ve listened to tbis album. Gracias amigo, no voy a ir al infierno.

26 Beers – 26 Beers


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 26 Beers - 26 Beers

Hijo de puta! 26 Beers popped my ears in minutes! This crossover band from Boston, Massachussets founded in 2003 and supported by Rodent Popsicle did a great job at this full-length. They represent Boston Hardcore with a fucking awesome thrash metal element. Feel it ? My nipples are perky! Plunk, shoot and bomb. Hear them and let it bleed…

Artist: 26 Beers
Album: 26 Beers
Year: 2007
Bitrate: 226 kbps (VBR quality)


If i listen to this album again i start to get drunk. Puta madre!