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Hard Skin - Hard Cunts Hard Nuts

Putos, mira mis pezones! I can’t simply ignore what Hard Skin means to me… Fat Bob is my idol. Do you believe Hard Skin was formed because they love beers and birds ? Dude, we shooting birds, playing birds, trampling birds and some genius like Bob use their brains to bring us good music! This amazing Oi! / Street Punk band can’t be explained in words… listen to this and comeback here to share it, cabrón.
Cabrón takes you to a ride in history. In this album you can feel all the influence of British music timeline on 90’s Oi! groups. Hard Skin was formed in 1990 by Fat Bob and Johnny, blessing us with this full-length.

Artist: Hard Skin
Album: Hard Cunts and Hard Nuts
Year: 1996
Bitrate: 256 kbps


I stopped to shoot at birds after i’ve listened to tbis album. Gracias amigo, no voy a ir al infierno.