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Brigada Flores Magon - Brigada Flores Magon

Cabrón traveled to France to take a break. The routine at Whorehouse is tiring due the police choking my business every day. There i found Brigada Flores Magon, a nice Oi! / Street Punk band with some pinch of Ska, formed in Paris in the year of 1990.

The band name is inspired in Flores Magón brothers, leading figures from the political scene and history of Mexico, what is at least wonderful considering France have a complex and impressive amount of political content, but they just decided focus on Mexico history. Don’t mess with Eiffel boys! They kick ass in this album… download it, puto!

Artist: Brigada Flores Magon
Album: Brigada Flores Magon
Year: 1999
Bitrate: 128 kbps (db level tuned for volume increase)


I loved Paris! Parfum, caffè, Eiffel… Hey, Pancho! Where is the tickets of our flight ? We are going to Brazil…