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   Mau Pressagio

   Who da fuck Mau Presságio think they are to be here, Cabrón ? Should a Brazilian band teach how to make Punk Rock ? Level is falling down or this band just kick ass. Punk Rock is attitude, is to be spokesman of the minority and not have frills of play in dirty alleys, and exacly for this the band is one of the most respected groups in Brazilian underground scene.

Formed in Rio de Janeiro in the 90’s years, Mau Presságio still looking for in their songs, the most severe roots of Punk.

  • Mau Presságio is:

Chiquinho, the fucking old moron who talks any type of bullshit all the time and sometimes sing;
Zé Oliveira makes all “Boom!” on the drum;
Palitão, the bassist and super-understandable nicknamed as “Big Toothpick”;
Marajá, the lead guitar and responsible for the noise;
Monique Ramone on the base guitars, proudly female exponent of Mau Presságio, giving a touch of harmony on this mess.

Extremely indicated, obviously because they paid for this post. Ok, just a joke… shit your pants, take the beer and get prepared for real Punk Rock!

Artist: Mau Presságio
Album: Mau Presságio
Year: 2011
Bitrate: 256 kbps


Pancho, take a look at these Rocinha girls! Imagine Rio chicas at the Whorehouse…   damn good!