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Bulbulators - Aut Punk Aut Nihil

Cabrón spent the last days with whores, because i deserve some vacancy. Where ? Poland! And yes, i brought something good on my bag. I found this album near Wroclaw, a fucking cold place known as the selected city for the European Capital Of Culture for 2016.

 Bulbulators plays an amazing sound with singular sonority referring to old school Punk Rock, but also similar to The Exploited, Charge 69 and 999. In the year of 2007 they become well-known playing “Gentlemen prefer blondes” for the inspired and very good album Aut Punk Aut Nihil.

The band is formed by Artur Burak Latosiñski, from Ramses & The Hooligans and Wojciech “tiktak” Stephan on the bass, playing early 70′ Punk and then the Street Punk / Punk Rock. Listen to this shit, hijo de puta!

Artist: Bulbulators
Album: Aut Punk Aut Nihil
Year: 2007
Bitrate: 320 kbps


Hell yeah! Polish bands are awesome, cabrón!