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Dear putos,

We are working on a lot of new features for the blog. We are turning this mess into a bigger mess, so i really apologize for the lack of time without new albums for download, but we haven’t any support, customers who fuck my ass for money or even a damn Cabronito to help me with this shit.

All Cabrón do here is for you, worldwide skinhead with pride and honour. I hope you all understand i am working on it, i am trying to post every week, but the blog already launched some other features on social media network. Included:

  • Followgram button – What links to our profile;
  • Pinterest button – What links to our Gallery of Pins and you will follow because the blog needs your support;
  • button – What links to our profile and help us to improve the selection to post new albums;
  • Tumblr. button – What links to our blog entry with a lot of images blogged and reblogged that you can follow.

The incoming weeks probably will be nice to turn back the diary or weekly posts, but i ask for your help giving me a little of support and/or patience.

Best Regards,