Hello friends,

The objective here is keep alive the 1969 Spirit and worldwide music who make us happy and linked as group, no matter ethnies or religion. I am a Brazilian student, i have no money to keep a domain, no money to pay a webdesigner, but i have power of will, a purpose and many hope we can do a great job here at Que Passa Cabrón.
All the things you read and see here is my life spread in html codes and music. Everybody knows CD, DVD and physicals media type are dead. We have no LP and EP printed editions being manufactured, no culture laws to keep music alive outside internet and we are the Generation who will save all this shit doing something that really matter. Some really impressive… share, create links between countries, make possible Festivals with worldwide bands… just doing what people like me know how to do better: SOURCE SHARING.
I beg for friends who i know and friends who i would love to know someday to help me to improve the support and keep the safe of our database. Nowadays i use 4Shared, but i need a own database to keep it safe. I spend my time and my spirit to let you laught, download and hear good stuffes, but i need your help with money to keep it alive. We have a button in the left side of this page you can click and donate any amount you want. It will make me happy and proud to be part of something really big.

Best Regards,

Henrique Moura
Founder of Que Passa Cabrón ? blog.

Cabrón… no money, no internet, no domain, no chicas. I know Skinheads and Punks around the world will help me to keep this blog alive, ando my whores fed.


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